Sales Agreement

Sales Agreement


Users are deemed to have read and accepted the sales contract when they start their membership process.




Article 1


This agreement is about the service exchange on the Meetgate platform and is handled within the framework of the legal regulations. The main subject of this contract, which covers the rights and obligations of the parties, is the sale of Meetgate services.


Article 2






Company Name: Meetgate








Article 3




All natural or legal persons who want to benefit from the services by registering on the Meetgate platform are referred to as buyers.


Article 4


Contract Subject and Products


The subject of the contract is the products sold on the Meetgate platform, and these products are membership packages provided for the video conferencing system.




Article 5


General provisions


5.1 Buyers, that is, Meetgate users, buy the products / services specified in the contract by paying the price and accepting the delivery method. It is declared that the preliminary information has been read and confirmed during the purchase process.


5.2 It is aimed that the products subject to the contract will be delivered as quickly as possible within the specified time and without ignoring the presumption of good faith.




5.3 The seller must provide the relevant terms of the product / service in accordance with the contract.


5.4 In order for the contract to be considered valid, the product / service price must be paid in full.


5.5 After the sale is realized, if the fee is not delivered to the seller due to reasons not based on the seller's fault, the buyer has to deliver the product / service within 3 business days. The buyer is responsible for all damages.


5.6 Conditions such as cancellation, change and return related to the product / service that cannot be delivered due to force majeure are reserved as one of the rights of the buyer. In case of cancellation, the seller must return the refund within 7 days according to the relevant payment method. The document showing that the return has been made must be notified to the buyer within the relevant period. Delays caused by the buyer's bank do not bind the seller.


5.7 It is aimed to resolve the situation within the framework of fair conditions by notifying the seller about the product / service after delivery to the buyer. If the seller fails to fulfill the responsibility arising on it, the right of the buyer to use his legal rights is reserved.


5.8 After this agreement is approved electronically, it is registered in the Meetgate system and accepted as valid.


Article 6


Right of Withdrawal


The buyer can use his right of withdrawal within 7 days following the purchase date for the product / service purchased. If the product / service is the same as when it was delivered, the seller is obliged to refund the product amount. Since the loss of some or all of the features of the product / service at the time of delivery will indicate that the product has been used, the right of withdrawal will not be used.


Article 7


Authorized court


This contract is the subject of an electronic exchange and the disputes that will arise from the contract are the courts in the place of residence of the buyer and seller. With the approval of the order online, the validity of the contract is deemed to be accepted.